Phobia OVR

Phobia OVR

PhobiaOVR is a project that started from the passion of combining cutting edge Virtual Reality technology and healthcare. The goal is to provide cost-effective mental health solutions for people who wouldn’t otherwise afford such treatments.

PhobiaOVR is a world first Virtual Self-Therapy for treating phobias using Virtual Reality.

There are five scenarios to choose from:

  1. Fear of Public Speaking
  2. Fear of Flying
  3. Fear of Heights
  4. Fear of Elevators
  5. Fear of Blood/Needles

The product contains everything needed to do therapy sessions at home: 3D Headset, software and doctor approved therapy steps for self therapy.

More info and pre-order can be found here:





SAVE is a project I created for a multinational pharmaceutical company to help them raise awareness of what a person suffering from schizophrenia sees and feels.

The final project was presented at a very important conference where guests included politicians, doctors and media. The project was very well received!



Online Mobile Lottery Platform

World’s Leading Online Lottery Platform

Mobile and Responsive, the LottoRace platform offers not only a unique type of game, but also a fully functional platform for online gaming.

More info here

Also, you can check out the game for free on Facebook (desktop only)!

Worm Swarm


Weekend hackathon result – a little game I created for kids to help with concentration.

Simple and straightforward, Worm Swarm transports you to a world of action where you have to squish and kill as much worms and space invaders as possible in the given time limit. Build scores higher to get to more exciting levels with more fun challenges and tasks!

Get it on the google play store!


Matrix Operations


Matrix Operations is a open source program designed to do basic matrix operations such as determinants, inverses, adjoints, multiplication, addition/substraction and others. It is written in c++ for Linux, and it uses basic I/O display to output the matrices.

You can grab it for free on GitHub!